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Organizing Holiday Decorations
Last year I took the time to label and organize my Christmas decorations. Now that it is that time of year again, I find that I really appreciate knowing exactly where to find everything.

Here are a few things you can do to help make your Christmas decorating a breeze:

  • Label each container with the holiday and a brief description of what is stored inside. (ex . Christmas Stockings, Tree Skirt) 
  • At the end of the season, store your decorations so that you can easily access the decorations you put up first. This saves you from having to dig through mountains of containers to find your outside lights or tree ornaments. 
  • Label the contents of every box when you put your decorations away this year (unless the box has a picture of the item that should be stored in it) and make a habit of labeling the boxes of any new items as you acquire them. This makes putting decorations away at the end of the season a breeze. 
  • Label decorations that were gifts with the name of the person who gave it to you and the year you received it. It is fun to reminisce as you pull each item out! 
I always make sure to decorate in the same order every year so that I have a system. I personally like to start with the biggest (and most difficult) jobs first and work my way down to the smaller items. I begin with my outside lights and then put up my tree. That way I can enjoy putting the small touches on the rest of my house knowing that the big stuff is finished!

? Contributed by Shelly (shell) 

Shelly is a professional organizer and owns her own business, Clutter Contained. She helps clients simplify their lives by clearing away clutter and creating efficiency. She works with residential clients to eliminate clutter and increase efficiency and with small business clients to increase productivity and create better balance between professional and personal lives. Find out more at

Pieces of the Puzzle - A Level-by-Level Infographic Guide by Melissa & Doug
Which puzzle is perfect for your kids? This easy reference guide walks you through the options - including chunky shapes and boards, sturdy wooden jigsaws, giant floor puzzles, and more! - to find just the right fit for puzzlers of every age and stage.

Pieces of the Puzzle - A Level-by-Level Infographic Guide by Melissa & Doug

Pieces of the Puzzle - A Level-by-Level Infographic Guide by

Building Blocks - A Level-by-Level Infographic Guide by Melissa & Doug
Find the perfect block set (plus play tips!) for any age and stage with this handy guide. Consider it your blueprint for hours of constructive playtime and years of block-building fun!

Building Blocks - A Level-by-Level Infographic Guide

Building Blocks - A Level-by-Level Infographic Guide provided by

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